What We Do?

Indoplast Engineers manufacture parts for reciprocating air-cooled and water-cooled lubricated and non-lubricated compressors. From a small enterprise it has transformed into a major player in the field of providing complete quality product and services. Indoplast Engineers has workforce, who travel that extra mile to see a smile on their customers face. Indoplast Engineers has a never-ending appetite for quality. Today Indoplast Engineers is one of the few companies.


Compressors spares

  • Pistons & Connecting Rods (Aluminum & Graded Casting),Breather Tube
  • Crank Shafts,Air Heads ,Spacer Plate,Gasket, Tune Up Kit or Services Kit,Unloader Plunger
  • Valves (Reed type & concentric ring type, Auxiliary, Safety Relief),Manyfold


  • Cross Head Pin ,Scrapper Ring ,Packing Ring ,Wearing Ring ,Rider Ring ,Valve Plates,Valve Guides,Piston Rod
  • Main Bearing Bush ,Oil Pump ,Crank Shaft ,Lubricator Assly,Outer Heads ,Distance Pieces ,Cylinders,Gasket (Tune up/Service Kit)
  • Connecting Rod (Forged & Casting) ,Valves (Channel V/v , Ring V/v, K V/v) ,Piston Ring (PTFE & Casting)