Quality Profile

We have adopted quality management in our organisation & our mission is to deliver products & services to the utmost satisfaction & expectation of our customers. This is achieved by continuous improvement & enchancement of our activities & systems at all level. Where  technology  is  of paramount importance, quality   is   logical   sequel.   The   company  has adopted   strength  quality  measures   in  all  its operation  from  design   to   manufacturing  and testing to dispatch. We are committed to provide product  and  services  on consistent quality that meets    the    requirement    and     exceed     the expectation of the customer.

Why Indoplast ?

  • Our Manufacturing Process : We have adopted a mfg. Process as per technical specification parts it self requirement.We purchase a raw material & testing as per requirement of parts. Then we take it in manufacturing process they’re our technical staff check at all stage dimension & testing. Take care of each operation it will be increase a quality in it self
  • Quality with Certificate : We provide to Customer each & every certificate of testing, which will be, require for a parts.
  • Competitive Price : We manufacturing in bulk basis so we can offer to big margin to our customer.
  • Fast Delivery : We have been keeping large no of parts in large quantity in stock.
  • Guaranty : We offer a Guaranty for our all air compressor parts for manufacturing defect.

Our Strength

  • A strong designing and engineering capability.
  • A well equipped in house manufacturing capability.
  • Computer software for design, engineering & project management.
  • A team of qualified and talented personnel having vast experience in the field.
  • Indoplast group is well known for its delivery schedules and cost effectiveness in its products and services.

Design & Development

We have a team of innovative & creative engineers involved in designing, manufacturing & developing critical parts & assemblies for various industries. The main objective of this group is to develop & improve on the existing products.

Images Of Our Workplace